Financing the Just Transition: The Role of Inclusive Biodiversity and Climate Finance
3:45 PM - 4:30 PM
Climate & Green Finance
Room Nic Klecker - 2nd floor

The climate change and biodiversity erosion call for a deep and quick transition of our economies and society. The challenge is high and the financial needs are huge, but in addition it is key that such transition do not leave anyone behind, i.e. the only climate and environmental transition is a "Just Transition". The inclusive finance sector, by focusing its activities on poor households, smallholders, micro small enterprises has a key role to play to enable just transition. In this panel we will discuss how inclusive, climate and biodiversity positive finance can support the just transition, by building resiliencies to climate change and biodiversity erosion that are environmentally socially and economically sustainable in particular for the most vulnerable populations. We will present experiences, guidelines and possible financial instruments to finance the just transition, both by public and private stakeholders.

Alain Levy Patricia Richter