Full Name
Davide Forcella
Job Title
JuST Institute
Speaker Bio
Davide is the Director of the Just Sustainability Transitions Institute (JuST Institute), the not-for-profit member-based entity that catalyzes market development towards Inclusive, Biodiversity, Climate Change Positive Finance. Davide is also co-Head of the Green Inclusive & Climate Smart Finance Action Group at the European Microfinance Platform (https://www.e-mfp.eu/gicsf-ag ), and Associate Researcher in Green Inclusive Finance at the Centre for European Research in Microfinance (CERMi: https://www.cermi.eu). He has more than 18 years of professional experience and more than 12 years of experience in inclusive finance and data smart & digital finance, climate, agriculture, biodiversity and green finance, worldwide with special focus in Africa and Latin America, but he also has extensive experience in Asia, MENA and Western and Eastern Europe.
He is expert in the development and provision of financial and non financial products & services for inclusive finance service providers, develop and implement multi-stakeholder projects and programs, structuring financial products for banks and investors, implementation, management and coordination, climate and ecosystems risks management, green strategies, processes and policies, as well as clients communication and satisfaction.
Davide has extensive experience in working with, as well as developing and implementing projects and products with banking sector, inclusive / impact investors, and international agencies /development banks. He use to manage multicultural team of various sizes, with members of various level of seniority, as well as multistakholders private – public coalitions.