New Frontiers in Client Protection: Digital FS, Agribusiness, and Paygo Solar
1:00 PM - 3:15 PM
Client Protection
Room Edmond Dune - second floor

This interactive session will explore consumer protection risks and possible solutions in agri-business, PAYGo Solar, and digital financial services. Panelists will reflect on the unique challenges in each sector, sharing specific examples from the field, and discuss tools that each sector has built to promote responsible practice. This session will also invite the audience to join the discussion about how to mitigate risk and how each stakeholder group can engage.

This is a 2h15m session, divided roughly as follows:

  • Intro/overview: 15'
  • Digital Financial Services: 45'
  • PAYGo Solar: 45'
  • Agri-business: 30'
Amelia Greenberg Eric Duflos Lucia Spaggiari Jack Ngoma Anne-Laure Behaghel Jean-Baptiste LENOIR