Creating Supportive Ecosystems to Maximize Supply of Agricultural Products through Investments and Technical Assistance
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Food Security & Nutrition
Room Edmond Dune - second floor

Agricultural productivity has for centuries driven improvements in living standards and well-being, however developing countries still face significant challenges such as rising undernourishment, low farming productivity and harsh climate change related events (World Bank 2019). Functioning and efficient agricultural value chains is key to addressing these challenges, whether that is achieved by providing technical assistance (TA), establishing new laws and regulations, incentives, or investments. The aim of this session will focus on how investments combined with TA (a kind of blended finance) can be a real diver for impact. We will get the perspectives of different organisations working to strengthen these value chains and build the resilience not only of the smallholders themselves, but also the value chain actors that are fundamental to creating a resilient ecosystem and contributing to food security.

Matthew Genazzini Kurt Moors Anouk Verheijen