Investing in Climate Resilience: Strategies and Opportunities
2:15 PM - 3:00 PM
Climate & Green Finance
Room Nic Klecker - 2nd floor

The session will aim to discuss Financial Services Providers’ (FSPs) path from climate risks to opportunities. ONF and Triple Jump has joined efforts to adapt and embrace systemic changes by supporting climate change resilience and recovery finance, while conducting climate change risk assessments as a mean to identify new green business opportunities for FSP and MSMEs. Oxfam Novib, through its investment partner Triple Jump, has allocated a EUR 44 million and Technical Assistance to provide medium- and long-term funds to FSPs operating in disaster-prone areas, support FSP’s climate resilience and recovery after acute shocks, and spur innovation by seed funding new and early-stage products. The ultimate goal of the Fund is to strengthen end-client’s climate resilience through FSPs. The purpose of this panel is to share concrete sustainability commitments with increasingly conscious investors and decisive actions towards climate change adaptation.

Tamara Campero Sofia Bernardini