Insurance as a Value Creator for MFIs
10:45 AM - 12:00 PM
Room Chapel - 1st floor

Climate change induced natural catastrophes and weather vagaries disrupt income generating activities of MFIs and their customers and they disproportionately affect women. Not only do they face more difficulty in repaying their loans but they are also more vulnerable in the aftermath of a disaster. Given the impact of natural catastrophes, insurance is progressively adopted as a tool not only for protecting their members but also MFIs against poor repayments brought about by loss in production or assets. The session will highlight success factors and challenges of including agriculture insurance by MFIs supported by Grameen Credit Agricole Foundation. Examples from Cambodia and other countries will emphasise the need for capacity building of not just the MFI but also the insurers including Insurance literacy and information systems flow to ensure value is created for both the supply side- MI and insurer- as well as the demand side- the members and beneficiaries in a responsible manner.

Philippe Guichandut Yannick Milev Asier Achutegui Pranav Prashad SOLENE FAVRE