Seizing the $10 Billion Market: Mobilizing Capital Towards Low-Cost Education
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Room Edmond Dune - second floor

While high demand and limited capacity constrain access to and the quality of education in many state systems, the low-cost non-state school sector is playing an increasingly important role in providing education in low- and middle-income countries. And yet, this sector faces a significant funding gap. Hear from a panel of experts actively serving the education sector speaking on the challenges involved in financing affordable non-state schools and pointing towards solutions that will enable financial institutions to meet the growing demand for finance from such schools. The solutions include blended finance models, debt funding and technical assistance for financial institutions combined with capacity building for affordable private schools. The session will deep dive into how a partnership approach can lead to sustainable, profitable and impactful lending to schools serving communities at the bottom of the economic pyramid, ultimately contributing to getting more children into better quality schools. The session is targeted at financial institutions and investors currently lending to the sector or curious to understand the role their capital can play in bridging the funding gap for the low-cost education sector, while securing financial and social returns.

Rachel Tabor Hans Perk Poornima Kharbanda Steve Hardgrave